Hãng Philippine Airlines triển khai khuyến mãi “MID-YEAR PROMOTION” EFF JUL26

Triển khai khuyến mãi "MID-YEAR PROMOTION" EFF JUL26


  1. Seats are subject to availability. Seasonality and blackout dates apply.
  2. Fares quoted are exclusive of government laxes, fees and surcharges. Taxes and charges are subject to change with or without prior notice by the authority.
  3. Minimum/maximum stay for Economy is 2D/14D; 3D/1M for Business Class.
  4. No-show fee is VND1705000.
  5. Ticket is non-transferable.
  6. Ticket is non-refundable for Economy. Business Class refund fee is VND1137000 for totally unused tickets and non-refundable for partially used tickets.
  7. For Economy, first rebooking is free*; succeeding changes at VND2274000. For Business Class, first two (2) rebookings are free*; succeeding changes at VND1137000.
  8. Accompanied child’s fare is 75% of aduit fare; Infant fare for infant without a seat under 2 years is 10% of aduit fare.
  9. 10% Mileage accrual for Economy and 125% for Business Class.
  10. Baggage Allowance – Fare is inclusive of 7-kg handcarried baggage. Free baggage allowance will vary per route.
  11. Tickets issued online or outside of the Philippines does not include Philippine Travel Tax (PH tax). PH tax shall be paid directly at the airport before departure. PH tax is applicable to Philippine passport holders, foreigners holding a Philippine resident visa, and foreign tourists or expatriates who have stayed in the Philippines for more than one year.
  12. Other travel conditions apply.

*Changes must be made at least 7 days prior departure. Otherwise, applicable penalties shall apply.

Flying Safely in the “New Normal”

As we resume our operations, we’re adding more safety measures to protect you. Learn how PAL is ensuring that you enjoy a healthy, safe, and clean environment on your next flight. Visit www.philippineairlines.com.

Travel Rules and Restrictions

Before you fly, make sure to check the travel rules and restrictions per country.

MANILA (NAIA) Terminal Assignments

All our international flights from Manila will depart from NAIA Terminal 1. Arrivals will be at NAIA Terminal 2. Departure and arrival of all domestic flights will be at NAIA Terminal 2.

Experience a heartwarming, world-class journey with the Philippines’ only 4-Star airline. 

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